Top 5 Car Accident Myths

Top 5 Car Accident MythsUntil you have been involved in a car accident, there are certain things you may incorrectly believe about this type of incident. The following myths are not only untrue, but a lack of clarification can leave you vulnerable to being taken advantage of in a time that you need compensation.

1. I Can Work It Out With The Other Driver

A very minor incident might be easily handled simply by exchanging contact and insurance information. Unfortunately, the situation might be more serious than you believe at first, and it is a mistake to negotiate with the other driver. An admission of guilt is one of the biggest mistakes you could make because it could stand in the way of getting compensation, even if you did nothing wrong.

2. The Insurance Company Will Take Care of Everything

Every driver has a legal obligation to have insurance, but it does not adequately cover all situations. Relying on the company you hold a policy with to handle your claim is a gamble. You do not have to agree to their first offer if you realize that the amount is inadequate in any way. Keep in mind that you are also never required to speak to the other driver’s insurance company or personal attorney.

3. The Police Will Figure Out Which Driver Was At Fault

An accident report written by the responding law enforcement officer is not the final word on determining fault. The report may come up in court sometime in the future, but your best chance of clearing your name comes from gathering your own evidence. It never hurts to take pictures at the scene and keep detailed notes that could help your case.

4. I Can Sue for Injuries I Discover Later

You may feel fine after an accident, but actually have a serious condition developing that will not cause symptoms until weeks have gone by. An injury claim must be made within the statute of limitations, so never refuse immediate medical attention the day an accident occurs.

5. I Do Not Need the Help of An Attorney

Anytime there is a dispute over the fault of an auto accident, an experienced lawyer is your greatest ally. Even if you intend to settle out of court with the other driver, an attorney will make sure that you are never in a position to have your rights violated.

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