Halloween is #3

Why is Halloween #3? Because it’s the 3rd most dangerous holiday for pedestrians, according to a study by Forbes. With so many kids casting about for candy, it’s no wonder. So, if you’re going to be out on the road on October 31, please mind a few safety tips:

  • Most collisions happen between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., so be especially careful during this time period
  • Drive slowly, and don’t pass stopped vehicles. The driver might be dropping off children.
  • No calls, please. No talking, texting or surfing, unless you are fully stopped. Beyond just the danger, you’re likely to get a big, nasty ticket.
  • Watch for children darting into the street. Ever seen a kid use a crosswalk during Halloween? Right. Most young pedestrian deaths happen at spots other than intersections, so keep alert.
  • Yield to young pedestrians. Children might not stop, either because they don’t see your vehicle approaching or don’t know how to safely cross the street.
  • Do what you normally do when you drive, just do it better! Communicate by using your turn signals. If you have to pull over to drop off or pick up your kids, turn on your hazard lights.

Following these safety tips can help you and yours…and theirs to have a happy, healthy Halloween (except for the cavities, of course).