Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawsuit Settled For $26.1 million

July 12, 2012

Pennsylvania Truck Accident was recently settled for one of the largest sums of damages in state history. According to The Pennsylvania Record, the Great Lakes Cheese Company and GLC Transportation have agreed to pay a pair of victims who were involved in an accident with one of the company’s trucks $26.1 million.

The accident happened two years ago on July 6 around 5:00 p.m., along I-80. A woman was driving a 2004 Toyota Matrix east with her father, husband, and two dogs when traffic began to slow. The Matrix came to a stop, but the GLC Transportation tractor-trailer that was following them was speeding and was unable to come to a halt, resulting in the big rig plowing into the back of the Matrix. The female driver’s father and two dogs were killed in the accident, while her husband suffered permanent brain damage. The woman also suffered broken vertebrae, the fractured ribs, and multiple internal and external wounds.

The surviving couple filed the lawsuit in June of last year, contending that the truck driver’s reckless driving was both negligent and the cause of their injuries.

The Personal Injury Lawyers at Lundy Law understand how difficult the fight to get back on your feet can be after being injured in an accident involving a tractor-trailer. That is why the firm would like to wish the couple that was injured the best of luck on their road to recovery.